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Are you ready to take charge and make a difference in your community? Do you want to promote conservative values and Republican principles?

Or do you have a Republican club already, but want to make it an official HSReps chapter? If yes, then chartering a local chapter is the perfect opportunity for you! As the leader of a local chapter, you'll have the chance to develop your leadership skills, make a positive impact, and work with like-minded peers to promote Republican values. Plus, when you charter a local chapter, you'll receive access to the High School Republicans' resources, help, and guidance through the formation and running of your club. You'll also be able to form connections with local parties, attend regional and national Republican events, offer internships to members on the state and local level, and become a part of the HSReps family. So don't wait - charter a local chapter and start making a difference in your community!

All listed board members MUST be registered as members of the national organization.







Groups that meet the following requirements may be chartered by the organization:

  1. A membership consisting of at least three members, signed up at

  2. An elected executive board consisting of at least a president/chairman, vice president/vice chairman, and secretary, except for the first six months of its founding

* Remember that on-campus chapters have a president, while off-campus chapters have a chairman.



Chartered chapters that meet the following requirements may be designated as 'credentialed' and shall be afforded a seat on the National Committee:


  1. A roster of twenty active members, as filed on the

  2. Operational bylaws in accordance with the national and state chapter bylaws

  3. Proof of on-campus function (if applicable, either a letter of recognition from the teacher advisor or school, or a listing on its website)

  4. A social media presence with the High School Republicans tagged in bio


The National Development Director will speak with the club president and advisor (if applicable) to confirm all details of the chapter before credentialing the club. The Development Director may uncredential a club if it is not meeting any of the previously mentioned provisions. Local chapters must also apply to be credentialed on an annual basis.

Questions or concerns? Email

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