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Local chapters are the backbone of our organization. Theys are made up of high school students who are committed to promoting conservative values and the principles of the Republican Party in their communities. Local chapters are the foundation of our "bottom-up" organization, which means that they have a great deal of autonomy and the ability to shape the direction of the organization.


Local chapters are run and led by students, for students. This allows local chapters to be responsive to the needs and interests of their members, and to focus on the issues that matter most to them. Local chapters have the freedom to plan and execute their own events and activities, and to advocate for the issues that are most important to them.

Overall, local chapters are an essential part of the High School Republicans, and we rely on their energy, creativity, and leadership to help us achieve our goals. If you're interested in starting a local chapter of the High School Republicans, we encourage you to learn more about the process and get in touch with us. We'll be happy to support you in any way we can as you work to make a positive impact in your community.

There are 3 important levels to the organization. Local, State, and National. Click on each to learn more!

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