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The National Board is the group responsible for managing the day-to-day operations of the organization. Headed by the National Chairman, it is made up of officers elected by the National Committee and directors appointed by the Board.


The National Committee, on the other hand, is the governing body of the organization. It is made up of state chapter board members and chapter presidents. The National Committee sets the overall direction and policies of the High School Republicans and works to support and coordinate the efforts of the state and local chapters.

The Advisory Board serves to provide a source of long-term structure, legal counsel, advice, and organizational continuity while maintaining the integrity of a youth-led institution. It assists the National Board with the financial, legal, and political obligations for maintaining the organization.

Together, these national bodies work to ensure that the High School Republicans are able to effectively promote conservative values and the principles of the Republican Party among young people across the country.






William Atkins is the founder of the High School Republican National Federation. As a senior from New Jersey, he has previously served as State Chairman. William has extensive experience working for various local and statewide campaigns, and serving as a grassroots organizer. Seeing a lack of coordinated efforts to target teen Republicans, he led existing teen Republican groups in establishing the High School Republican National Federation. William was most recently appointed by state lawmakers to the New Jersey Legislative Youth Council, and is currently working to pass civic engagement legislation. William plans on attending law school, and continuing his hobbies of film photography and graphic design.




Cooper Jacks is a junior from Georgia, where he serves as State Chairman. He is most passionate about keeping government small and holding elected officials accountable, something he has maintained since first being involved in 2019. He says that he will continue to trust in the Lord for all future plans and see where He leads him. In his free time, he enjoys playing golf and hunting.




James Ruehmann is a junior from Colorado, where he serves as State Chairman. He has helped to coordinate political campaigns during the most recent election cycle. James is most passionate about economic security for middle class Americans, as well as environmental conservation in the American West. He enjoys playing skiing, golf, and hockey in his free time, and he hopes to pursue a future career in business.




Landon Elks is a senior from North Carolina, where he has made a distinguished career in DECA and FBLA. Landon first became involved with High School Republicans, growing active in the state chapter before joining the National Board. Landon is passionate about safeguarding personal liberties and promoting small government policies. In his free time, he enjoys hunting, fishing, and spending time outdoors. After high school, he plans to study business and political science in preparation for a career in real estate development.




Tucker Coombs is a junior from North Carolina, where he had previously served as State Chairman. He has continued to demonstrate his commitment to politics through his unique opportunity to serve in the U.S. Senate Page Program, where he gained valuable experience of the inner workings of our federal government. Working as a staffer for various local and statewide campaigns, he has continued to hone his skills in political strategy and outreach. Tucker is particularly passionate about workforce development, education policies, and mental health, and enjoys golf, hunting, and rooting for the UNC Tar Heels in his free time. In the future, he hopes to attend law school and become a practicing attorney.




Leo Kennedy is a senior from New Jersey, where he currently serves as State Chairman. He is most passionate about protecting American freedoms, especially the Second Amendment, and combatting Critical Race Theory in schools. Leo has been involved with many political campaigns, including township, county, congressional, and statewide contests. He hopes to go to school for mechanical engineering and to make a career in the car industry. In his free time he enjoys working out, mountain biking, and working on cars.




Sam Widener is a senior from Virginia, where he serves as State Vice Chairman. Previously working as High School Coordinator for Turning Point USA, Sam has extensive experience in organizing students. Sam is most passionate about protecting the unborn, and hopes to become a future prosecutor. For fun, Sam enjoys producing his own podcast and writing.




Luke Palmer is a sophomore from New York, where he serves as State Chairman. Inspired by Rob Astorino, Marc Molinaro, and Claudia Tenney, he brought back statewide efforts of engaging teen Republicans stronger than ever before. Starting with only one chapter, he has grown the New York state chapter to over twenty-five. Luke has previous experience, working on gubernatorial, senate, and congressional races. He is inspired by his passion for reform in education and public safety. Luke plans to continue his work transforming the GOP and ensuring a successful future for the party.





John Koons currently serves as Deputy Director at the Leadership Institute’s Jay Henges Center, where he assists in training conservative activists on running campaigns. He previously served as the Youth Engagement Director for the Republican National Committee, where he led party efforts of engaging young voters. Starting as a college freshman, he organized various local school board, borough council, and judicial campaigns, before transitioning to other local and statewide elections. During the 2020 presidential cycle, John served as the Pennsylvania Trump Victory Leadership Initiative Director where he oversaw the statewide volunteer recruitment and training efforts. Prior to joining the statewide Pennsylvania Trump Victory team, John was a grassroots organizer for Central Pennsylvania, developing a robust team of 1,000+ volunteers between 2018 and 2019. We are honored to have him as one of our National Advisors!




Rick Loughery currently serves as National Chairman of the Young Republicans, a position which he was historically elected and re-elected to unanimously. Rick has set an aggressive agenda for the organization, launching numerous national initiatives to boost voter outreach and grow the organization. In just ten weeks of the 2020 presidential campaign, he deployed volunteers to 25 states, making more than 23 million voter contacts, sending 24 Young Republicans to Congress and thousands to state legislatures. We are honored to have him as one of our National Advisors!




Spencer Carr currently serves as Deputy Chief of Staff and Campaign Manager to Congresswoman Claudia Tenney. Spencer has a long list of accomplishments, having doubled Tenney’s 2018 campaign voter contacts, made over 4 million organic digital campaign impressions, organized extensive MMS texting programs, and outmaneuvered Democrat operatives to defend a 12 vote lead and win the second closest House race in the country. Spencer now resides part-time in Arlington, Virginia and Upstate New York. We are honored to have him as one of our National Advisors!

There are 3 important levels to the organization. Local, State, and National. Click on each to learn more!

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